In “Approaching Dub Station Alpha” Boom One Sound System and 3000 Worlds venture into an exploration of an outernational, intergalactic sonic journey and takes listeners into the deep realms of Peace, Love, and Dub. Following the classic dub reggae tradition of versions and dub remixes, this album is the follow up dub version of the politically and socially charged “Blood Fire” album by B. Davis and Boom One Sound System. So sit back, relax and let the cosmic vibrations be your guide as the dubbers warp space and time on this ethereal quest across the galaxy.

Boom One Sound System’s original music is grown from reggae, soul, and electronica with dub as the foundation. Fusing elements of conscious lyrical styles from roots music, deep bass lines, and influences of aboriginal culture and current events, Boom One has developed an original sound that is all their own. Boom One combines technology with the organic overtones of life to help forward a new era of Dub music. Boom One Sound has had the opportunity to collaborate with legendary reggae producer The Scientist, and create official remixes for Anthony B and Jah Mason.

Tokyo based international reggae producer 3000 Worlds delivers a psychedelic blend of instrumental reggae and dub, layered with classic analogue synthesizers and liberal use of tape delay. From sweeping melodica lines to charging drum and bass, from roots reggae to dub, 3000 Worlds take you on a musical journey, exploring sound through the dub aesthetic.

Cover art: Levi Villines
Mastering: Boom One Records

Buy at:
►Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/huc54a
►iTunes: http://smarturl.it/d23pdz
►Beatport: http://smarturl.it/rwc8hd
►Junodownload: http://smarturl.it/nl71no