“Boa Statenti” is the sophomore release from Italy’s Foreign Dubbers. This four song EP is a Dub Reggae album that incorporates elements of rock, surf, and tribal music, as well as current events in the overload of mass media propaganda. During this difficult and historical time in the EU, with the media bombarding people, fear of thugs and killers, and terror lurking around every corner…it would seem no one is safe. This is the culture where “Boa Statenti” was created.

Foreign Dubbers – Coming from different well-known Italian bands, Gibo Butchers and Joe Zampiceni met in 2014 while working as a sound engineer and as a chef at Chiosco MU, a live venue on the beach in Garda’s Lake, Brescia, in northern Italy. That summer, in their free time, they discovered their common passion of Dub Reggae music. With heavy influences from the European Dub scene, Foreign Dubbers are a hybrid between Dub and Rock music. Their sound is a mixture of organics and electronics; recording real instruments live (no samples or loops) routed through a mixer, fed into multi-track recorder and adding analog effects in real-time helped create their Electrodub sound.

Produced by Foreign Dubbers
Mix by Marco Caldera, Red Carpet Studio, Brescia
Master by Marco Caldera, Glashaus Studio, Bologna

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►Bandcamp: http://hyperurl.co/aqkskf
►iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/qodghi
►Beatport: http://hyperurl.co/cun2fr
►Junodownload: http://hyperurl.co/0xe02b