Heat Haze

The debut album by Tokyo’s entho-dub group Indou is a perfect harmony of Reggae, Dub, Electronica and Jazz Fusion. “Heat Haze” incorporates the live instrumentation of sitar, tenor sax, tablas, bass and vocals along with samples, soundscapes, midi instruments and psychedelic effects. “Heat Haze” also features guest vocalists Ayesha Zia and B. Davis as well as a remix of song from Boom One Sound System.

Indou (in Buddhist terminology, a monk’s requiem to deceased) was spearheaded by Serigano and dives deep into his experience in the Japanese underground music scene. In the 80s Serigano was selected to join Friction, the acclaimed Japanese avant-garde/noise band who were the most important group of the early New Wave scene in Tokyo. As Acid House and Rave took over the underground in Japan, Serigano returned to club scene in Tokyo. By the end of 2000 Serigano had created Indou’s first musical productions. The music of Indou posseses two forgotten elements, Industrial Music and Heavy Reggae.

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