magical love

“Magical Love” is the second single from Tokyo’s Ethno-Psychedelic Dub unit Indou. Indou creates a unique musical experience with their combination of live instrumentation (Sitar and Tenor Sax) with vintage samples and deep bass. “Magical Love” is Indou’s Ghazal version of a Dubby Lovers Rock. Ghazal is the Indian and Pakistan love poetry influenced by Sufism. Punjabi vocalist, Ayesha graces the mic with her beautiful voice, singing in English and Japanese. Daikichi Yoshida’s electric sitar brings out the Asiatic Psychedelic sound while Daisuke Fujiwara’s sax keeps the vibes chill and smooth. Yoshida and Fujiwara give an air of the diverse approach to Free Jazz while consciously representing Bass music. In “Break Free” the front man of Indou, Serigano, throws in a strong Dubstep style cutting up an Amen Break. While starting off with a touch of Jazz on the Fender Rhodes, “Break Free” is influenced by the Bristol scene and a progress mixture of musical styles. Ayesha’s voice adds that extra touch of beauty that helps us follow Indou on this mash up of styles and journey of sonic bliss.

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