PSS - The Fall Line from BC

Piper Street Sound has created The Fall Line, the third album in his Piedmont trilogy.

This music reflects an imaginary journey across Georgia’s Piedmont region, the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, where producer Matt Mansfield lives. The trilogy is overlain with faint local music influences, electronic cumbia, vague echoes of chicha, dub reggae, and a mixture of tropical bass styles. It is like a digitally glitched map of the world with its plethora of diverse music was drawn on a transparent film and placed atop Piper Street’s personal mythological map of Georgia. Dubbed out electronic cumbia, created with both live musicians in his studio and electronic production, is the basis for much of Mansfield’s work here. This is just the kind of album you’d expect from a multi-instrumentalist and longtime dub engineer and reggae producer–immersed in a dialogue with folk, country, blues and soul music–who now works as digital content manager for purveyors of Digital Cumbia ZZK Records.

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