As the Summer settles down and August brings in Autumn, at BOR we are bringing new Deep House, DnB/Dancehall, and Cumbia. This month we have new releases from ATL’s global bass producer Piper Street Sound, Germany’s Phil Harmony, and a debut from Anita Vokill.


Phil Harmony “When I’m With You” – August 11

“When I’m With You” is inspired by the sounds of Africa mixed with the house sounds of Berlin. The vocals brought to you by two great African singers; Vido Jelashe from Capetown who is living in Berlin and Ghezai from Eritrea who is living in Gießen. Two exile Africans meet Phil Harmony and put together a perfect song for the summer to enjoy with the persons who love you the most.

Anita Vokill “Come Rude Boy” – August 18 

“Come Rude Boy” is a massive ragga Jungle/DnB release. With remixes by a ridiculous cast of producers and vocalist. Featuring Dubsmith, Yasus Afari, B.Davis, Elder, HydroPhonic, El Carnicero, and Mista Chatman. Drum n Bass, Dubtronica, Dancehall, and Downtempo Bass music all get represented in full effect on this heavy release.

Piper Street Sound “4 Chichas From The Piedmont” – August 25

Piper Street Sound’s “4 Chichas From The Piedmont” EP, featuring Dialect Trio, continues their shared legacy of exploring multiple cultures with common themes. Chicha, a Peruvian take on the classic Cumbia sound of South America, is primarily guitar-driven and has psychedelic tendencies and the energy of rock n roll. Piper Street Sound and Dialect Trio are based out of the Southeastern U.S., with its own guitar culture, namely folk music, the blues, country and rock. Here then is an adept synthesis, a blend of Afro-Latin-Indigenous American polyrhythm, soulful “Southern” guitar, and psychedelic sensibilities in applied f/x.