For the month of May, we have a nice weekly dose of new music to share with the people of Earth and other sentient beings. Peekaboo Streetsweeper (Electonica) and Mechanik Project (Dubstep) debut with Boom One Records this month and label favorites Dubsmith (Reggae, Dubtronica), Boom One Sound System (Reggae, Dubtronica), and Lord Tooth (Reggae, Dub) come to us with their respective signature sounds, dubwise. Peace and Blessings to all of you from Boom One Records, friends and fam.  


Peekaboo Streetsweeper – Bubble Muscles, May 5

Bubble Muscles, the new collaborative single from Peekaboo Streetsweeper and Piper Street Sound is a kaleidoscopic whirl of twinkling lights and bit-crushed groove. Peekaboo’s original is a Ghost In The Shell-era technofetishist’s dream, based on a tight, mid-tempo dance groove and featuring swirling synths bouncing and rebounding off each other that ascends from its gritty groove into a lofty and sanctified space. The track would be right at home on the soundtrack to any Sci-fi film. It’s hard not to picture streaking lights reflected off of shiny helmets as the pounding beat propels beautiful delayed synths toward some large cathedral of memory banks.  Piper Street Sound’s version is decidedly grittier. With a more glitchy, Aphex Twin meets Jungle feel, the pounding groove is shuffled and chopped, reassembled with a little more ‘bit noise’. It’s a bit more crowded, jangling, multi-cultural, equally at home in some Sci-fi globalized future-scape, though perhaps a little more Blade Runner than Tron.

Mechanik Project – Phat Selector, May 12

“Phat Selector” is the debut release from Finnish producer Mechanik Project. On “Phat Selector”, Mechanik Project brings forth RaggaBass and Reggae influenced Dubstep in top form. Deep grimy bass lines with hard hitting drums and UK steppers style skankin’ all come together to make this debut release a future Ragga classic.


Dubsmith – Starship Nubia, May 19

Dubsmith comes with another masterful dubtronic charged digital 45 featuring Sir Philpotts, B. Davis, and Bianca Boom. These tunes are another installment of what we have grown to expect from Dubsmith…Wicked pleasure pon di riddim!

Boom One Sound System (BOSS) – My Heart is the Church (ft. Roots Iric), May 19

Boom One Sound System’s newest smash, “My Heart is the Church” featuring Roots Iric is deep and conscious roots reggae. Roots Iric’s vocal delivery is top notch and the tight horn section ties it all together in a very easy skankin’ vibe. Piper Street Sound’s version is a vintage dub style with heavy delays on analog gear, while Budapest’s Du3normal brings the Steppers version and keeps the subwoofers thumpin’.

Lord Tooth – Lord Tooth at the Controls, May 26

“Lord Tooth at the Controls” is Lord Tooth’s second EP through Boom One Records. With tunes like “Lyra Blackwa”, Lord Tooth morphs classic and future dance hall sound, along with a unique lyrical flow, original. “Belgian Dub” is classically dubbed by Tooth & Co., vocals bouncing all around the room. Then they hit us with “Nowhere Dub”, an up tempo super rootsy number, that goes crazy dubwise, as we have grown to expect from Lord Tooth.  “Lay Down Dub” settles the vibe back down, mellow style, with a classic guitar stick line. Profession Dub follows, and it’s a thick heavy roots dub with nice spacey horn parts and a poppin snare. Lord Tooth concludes the program with “Jury on a Trial”, a classic skanky dub with a catchy guitar riff and the unique stylings once again on the vocal.