April is a month from which life springs! April here at Boom One Records is no different.  We have  a weekly barrage of new music for the world this month.  We have a brand new release from Boom One newbie, San Diego’s Oye!Simpson (NuCumbia, Electronica), as well as releases from familiar family KingRat (Reggae, Dub), Eclectic Roots Ensemble(ERE) (Reggae), and Czech dance music maker HOBL (ElectroHouse, Electonica).  Thank you so much for enjoying these releases.  Blessings to all of the Boom One Records fans and family. Dub It!


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 Oye!Simpson – Corbeau, April 7

Oye!Simpson joins the hardworking team at The Global Bass Experience for an excellent new exclusive three track EP titled “Corbeau.” Consisting of some of the most innovative and brilliant Nu Cumbia, Corbeau pushes the boundaries of Cumbia as a whole as well as returning the listener to the days when people played real instruments and didn’t just rely on their laptops.

KingRat – KingRat, April 14

Atlanta Dub ensemble KingRat released this hard-hitting self-titled LP in 2008. The deep talents of the lineup of Jeremy Saude on drums, latin percussion by Camilo Moncada, Ryan Rudolph’s saxophone, Julian Moreno on guitar, synths, keys and melodica by Sam Epstein, and Matt Mansfield’s bass, guitar, and percussion were highlighted to great effect by Piper Street Sound’s massive expertise in the realm of Dub engineering. Intricate arrangements and deep, deep rhythms combine with hazy f/x and strong melodies to make this smoky offering the cream of the KingRat crop. Psychedelic transnational Dub Reggae at its finest. Now the album has been touched up and remastered at Piper Street for a special re-release with Boom One Records.


Eclectic Roots Ensemble (ERE) – Feelin’ It, April 21

“Feelin’ It” is a collection of deep roots reggae songs from Eclectic Roots Ensemble (ERE) recorded with Piper Street Sound (AKA Matt Mansfield) at Piper Street Studios in Atlanta. Cortez Paschal leads ERE and is the lead songwriter, lyricist, and plays most instruments in the studio. Vocalist Bakeem and several other top notch musicians fill out the heavy root reggae sound.  These tracks are classically roots and will most definitely bring the listener into a righteous meditation.

HOBL – Paradise, April 28

This single, “Paradise” is a preview from the newest HOBL LP from Boom One Records due to come out later in 2014. The two selections from the LP included here are “Paradise of Sweet Smoke” and “Here I Am!” Both of these tracks are sure to please as they continue in the hard electro style that HOBL has established previously. These tracks are wicked nice selections for the modern dance club.